If you’re like most entrepreneurs who start a business and build a website to promote and support it, you probably have a lot of experience and knowledge in the field or industry in which you operate, but rarely do you sit and contemplate the view point of a novice, a customer or potential service seeker who might visit your website.

I mean why would you? Your expertise may not be web development or marketing…and besides, there are just too many other things for you to do in running and getting your business off the ground.

However, you probably have a good understanding have realized that there are tons of prospects out there in cyberspace…but the question looms:

How am I going to reach them and get them to my website?

And if you are having success in reaching new customers and bringing them to your website the next question invariably is…

How do I convert more of my website visitors (prospects) into leads and sales?

Now, 3CX Digital & Marketing Services (3C for short) has been building and marketing websites since 1998 and know that you probably have a million and one more questions, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and lose focus. After all, you’re starting out and you only need the knowledge that will take you to the next step and on your way to start-up business success.

Too much information and you’ll get decision constipation and get stuck. Yuk!

To maintain focus and progressive in building success for your website and start-up business, 3C wrote this quick anecdote; our philosophy if you will:

Give your website visitors the “content” they need that engages them and invites them into a “community” which in-turn builds trust and thus promotes and encourages a step toward a “conversion” or commercial transaction.

We believe in it so strongly, that we made it our tagline. 🙂

Using the 3C philosophy, we strive to educate and begin the process of mapping out a “game plan” for each of our clients to get them off to a quick and successful start.

Experience has taught us, that the necessary timelines and costs involved in successful development, branding and marketing of your website through secure reliable software, search engine optimization (SEO), content optimization, visitor relationship building and social media requires initial information gathering and analysis.

Feel free to download the “10 Questions for Start-up Business Success” workbook found on the right sidebar.

You may also contact us directly with more specific questions.

We encourage you to get all your questions answered and wish you much success in your online endeavours.

3CX Digital & Marketing Services