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Awarded two years in a row as a global Sitecore Strategy MVP, Ken is known for being creative, helpful and insightful.

Strategy MVP Definition

An individual with a strong understanding with data-driven context marketing and use of the Sitecore Experience Cloud to drive business results and who loves to share his/her knowledge and experience with customers, users and implementation teams.

Online success is really just three things

However, a successful journey will take many forms and require many skills. In your “10 with Ken“, we’ll focus on the one thing that you can do immediately to move your business forward.


Having time to say what customers need to hear is often a challenge for many businesses. In fact, there is now a “content crisis” looming over many large enterprises.

Learn tips and techniques in 10 with Ken


Word-of-Mouth still the number one source of leads for most businesses, so having a strong community focus is key. However, WoM is done differently today and businesses are still adjusting.

10 with Ken wins with Word-of-Mouth


My definition of commerce is any interaction that leads to a conversion toward a business goal. If you don’t know what drives conversions then doing business will be slow and frustrating.

10 with Ken helps convert 10x more

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We’re alway excited to help companies achieve their dreams and goals. Here are some whom we’ve helped.

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