Social Media can drive success in many areas, but also realize that it’s way too easy to add a prestigious title, awards, and accolades to an online profile; so do you really know whom you’re dealing with?

Here are three keys of a genuine personal brand:


Business experience says a lot, even if the business owner doesn’t have millions in the bank. The wisdom gained through failures, wins, and numerous connections can be an unparalleled benefit. Even mildly successful, but bountifully experienced entrepreneurs can offer great value, resources, and insights.

It takes time and testing to know your value and how much to charge for your services. Knowing who your ideal clients are, and how best to serve them is an art developed through trial and error.

Track and use the lessons learned to optimize your offerings. Businesses that last, solve their ideal clients’ problems. That becomes your true brand.

Thought Leadership

Anyone can take the quotes and content of a sage leader, rebrand, and repackage it to make it seem like it’s their own. In fact, thought leaders are franchising out their ideas and content to individuals who take a weekend course on how to present and sell it.

However, it’s a whole different ball game when you’ve actually lived what you’re preaching, and worked with a client through their challenges. The wisdom gained and the solutions created will be more authentic and practical, which is better than theory; especially when it’s your money and business that’s on the line.

Genuine brands have unique and practical ideas and solutions that can be tailored to your experience.


First off, do a deep dive into who your company is and the values that you stand for. Focus on your businesses’ personality, values, and spirit. It might sound a bit weird at first, but it will help you find the “authentic you.”

After your adventure of self-discovery, the work begins! In your marketing materials, present yourself as true to yourself, faithful to the people you serve, and motivated by caring and responsibility.

In summary

A genuine personal brand is more about your customer’s experience than it is about what you can post online and the accolades you can accumulate.

Your goal should always be to keep your integrity intact and let others vouch for you. No need for superficially inflated “likes”. The recognition should take care of itself if you are consistently looking out for your client’s best interest.

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