There is an ever increasing amount of options for entrepreneurs and start-ups for how they can present their business to the public. Social media, email marketing, and SEO continue to be effective methods to cultivate an engaged community, and can be the foundation for an entrepreneur’s public relations strategy. Here are some PR growth tips for entrepreneurs in 2022.


Construct, Assess, and Modify the Customer Journey

Operating a new business means dealing with customers for the first time. You may have some market data that provides estimates on what kinds of customers are relevant to your business, however when it comes to actual sales, you may find that your paying customers were not the kind found in your market research. This is why it is important to map out your customer journey but not necessarily keep it locked-in as well. Construct your customer journey and assess it when actual sales are being made. What customers are buying? How are they finding me? Why are they buying? Ask these questions to inform you on what modifications the customer journey needs.


Implement Business Storytelling to Your PR 

Business Storytelling is a great way to communicate key messages of your company mission to your customers. Customers want to know the faces behind the business. Effective business storytelling motivates customers, employees, and stakeholders alike and can create a stronger synergy across the business. For more about business storytelling, watch this example from Business Storytelling Expert Vern Oakley. 


Add Personalization to The Mix

Personalization refers to how you can uniquely communicate to your individual customers and audience. The more engaged your customers are, the more recognized they should feel by you and your business. That can mean personalized emails tailored to customers at different points in the customer journey, loyalty-based rewards, and direct communication with your customers.

Marketing and public relations in general involves how your business interacts with the external environment. It is important to see what resources are available at your disposal that can help with improving your company’s reputation. PR is extremely important for a wide range of entities including: governments, businesses, charities, and even celebrities.


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