3CX Radical Rewards are here!

Our parent company, 3CX Consulting Inc. in 2020 launched the first-ever, in Canada, rewards program for website marketing, development and hosting services. Now that’s radical!

What are 3CX Radical Rewards?

3CX Radical Rewards is a loyalty program operated by 3CX Consulting Inc. where clients collect points which can be redeemed as payment towards an invoice, swapped for free services, or converted into Canadian money at a 2:1 ratio (2 Radical Rewards Points = 1 Canadian Dollar).

How to Collect 3CX Radical Rewards

Be Part of the Family

Every client of 3CX Digital, 3CX Digital, and 3C Hosting is automatically enrolled and awarded 10 Radical points for each year they remain a member of the 3CX family.

Purchases & Payments

Earn 10% in redeemable rewards when you purchase website marketing, development, domain or hosting services. Spend $10, earn 1 point.


You’ve been gracious over the years to refer 3CX to your friends, family, and colleagues, so now we want to reward you for your trust and support. Earn 10 points for referrals that become customers.

Sharing is Caring

Clients that @ mention us or share our content on Social Media using the hashtag #3CXrewards can earn up to 60 reward points a month. Each share or mention is worth 1 point.

How to Redeem 3CX Radical Rewards


  • Redeem points by calling 1-888-499-1115 ext. 5 or e-mailing rewards@3CxDigital.com with the following details:
    • Product or invoice to redeem the points against
    • Number of points you wish to redeem


  • If you are redeeming points for cash, the value is 50% (e.g. 100 points = $50 cash)
  • If you want to use points to pay your invoice, add the invoice # to the e-mail message stating you wish to redeem some points


Scheduled for 2023

We are working on automating how you collect, review, and redeem points. Soon you will be able to…

  • Review your rewards balance through a customized client area
  • Make purchases and pay invoices with points
  • See how many points you will receive when making a purchase with 3CX website brands
  • During checkout, or when paying your invoice, you’ll be given the opportunity to redeem your 3CX Radical Rewards. Simply specify how many points to apply to your purchase/invoice and your purchase total will be adjusted accordingly and automatically

For questions about 3CX Radical Rewards, please call +1-888-499-1115 ext. 15

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