WordPress continues to be one of the easiest and complete ways you can get a website up and running with the features you need. Whether it is an e-commerce site, a personal blog, or just a singular landing page, there are many strategies you can use for your WordPress website to improve its accessibility. We have those accessibility tips right here! Read below:

1. Use Accessibility-Ready WordPress Themes

While it makes sense to use a WordPress theme with more bell and whistles, what you are doing if you are a new to WordPress is just increasing your potential liability in the site having errors. Use themes that have simple to understand layouts, that are not complicated to potential consumers, and have options to increase more accessibility without breaking website structure. A more accessible theme leads to your audience reach increasing for your website.

2. Using WordPress Accessibility Plugins

Here are plugins that can be added on to your webpage to measure it’s level of accessibility.

  • Accessibility Widgets
  • Accessibility WordPress plugin
  • WP ADA compliance check basics
  • wA11y – The web accessibility toolbox
  • Accessibility by UserWay

3. Add Keyboard Navigation

This is to consider website visitors who must use keyboards exclusively to navigate the web. Often you will see on sites that the TAB key is an important aspect of keyboard navigation around the site.

4. Alt Text For Media

Some devices users have may not be the latest pieces of hardware and software, leading to potential accessibility issues when they are visiting your website. By including alternative text along with your pictures and videos, you are providing users who may not be able to load up media files with important, relevant, website information.

5. Follow The Headings Hierarchy 

Have your webpages follow the main rule for headings: H1 comes before H2, which comes before H3, and so on. This way, your website visitors will be able to see a clear pathway around your site. Setting up your heading tags in this appropriate way will also improve its search engine results ranking.


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