Are websites dead? 

I’ve overhead a few conversations about whether a new business still needs a website and how people are using social media to start their business and sell their products and services online. 

Websites are not dead 

First, every online platform (social or otherwise) is essentially a website or web application. So, by definition, websites are not dead. I think the better question to ask is, “does your start-up business need a website?” 

A website is a business tool 

A website is a tool to be used for business benefit, and just like you don’t have a toolbox full of hammers, you don’t want to only use one tool to build your business. 

Understanding which tools work best for each job is where our entrepreneur craftsmanship comes in handy. A business is more than just a website, and we’re here to help you build your business successfully through social media, website development and strategic digital marketing. 

Benefits to having your own website 


You have complete control over what content you can post as long as it is within the rules of your hosting company, which is often more lenient, and you don’t have to be concerned with being shutdown over a political or personal position you take on social issues. Make sure your content is within your legal rights and you should be fine. 

The whole story in one place 

You and your business are much bigger than 280 characters and more than a post about your cat, Smokey. 

If you only use social media for content, you may be losing people who want to visit your website to get a full picture of your business, products, your team, etc. all in one place instead of clicking through profiles and posts.  

Also, your customers may only use certain platforms. You will have to identify, understand, and maintain accounts for each of the platforms your customers use and that can be a time-consuming endeavour. 

Marketing automation 

To the last point about maintaining multiple social media accounts, your website can keep everyone “in the know” with a simple e-mail blast and a link back to your website content. You can also easily automate e-mail subscriptions and broadcasts through your website’s newsletter and integrated CRM. 


There are many people who start out on social taking orders through chat and text messages, but eventually, you will want to scale your ordertaking so your business can continue to grow and that means you’ll need an app or a website or both. 

Your website can easily collect all the information that is pertinent to order and keep track of the shipping and customer notifications without you having to do it all manually. You simply prepare the order and ship/deliver it to the customer. 

We hope this article has helped you in understanding why websites aren’t dead and how you can leverage your website to grow your business.


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