Small Businesses are in very challenging times now and could use a few options on building demand for their products and services.

Involve An Ad-Spend Budget 

Small businesses should look at their costs and overall budget to see where they can involve an ad-spend budget. It is important to let your customers know you are open for business. Paid advertising on social media platforms, search results pages, and marketing emails can help a substantial amount.

Prioritize Customer Experience 

Once a consumer is aware of your small business, they are more likely to become a paying customer. Any slip-ups in the customer experience can drastically damage a consumer’s opinion about the business. The same must be true for the reverse: providing an exceptional customer experience would just as drastically improve the consumer’s opinion about the business. Prioritizing the customer experience can involve the following:

  • map out the entire buying process for a standard customer of your small business
  • segment your customers into distinct groups – create strategies to appeal to each group
  •  discuss with your customers & employees on what is and isn’t working right now for your business

Focus On Your Niche 

As a small business, you likely have a niche that separates your business from the rest. You are specialized and customers can look to you as a trusted source. By improving your specialization, your small business can adequately compete in markets with larger competitors – because they are trying to reach a more general, larger audience.


Making a consistent effort to reach your customers with an ad-spend budget, prioritizing the customer experience unique to your small business, and focusing on your niche are tasks you can start small with and slowly ramp up. Start looking at your business from the perspective of the paying customer: “How would I find out about this small business?” “What problem do I have that I need help with?” “How effective were the employees at the small business at helping me?” “Do I feel I was prioritized today?”

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