Are you looking for ways to improve the work/life balance to your schedule or your company’s? We have compiled a few helpful tips in this article that can possibly enhance your working experience. Maintaining an ideal work/life balance will improve job satisfaction and lower stress. Of course with the pandemic, many have had their work lives & personal lives dramatically unbalanced.

1. Time Management 

You need to be more in control of your time management. While also planning your professional tasks in the week – “I need to get X task done by Y day.” – you need to have the same preparation for your other, personal activities outside of work. Make time for your hobbies, your exercises, your relationships, etc. and see how can it fit around your work schedule.

2. Work Management

On a more day-to-day basis, understand what are pressing projects and tasks for the day and what needs to be done for the week. Be clear if you need to sign-out of work earlier than usual, but leave on time otherwise.

3. Have a Break

Even just for a few minutes a day, take the break away from work, the office, projects, etc. It will refresh you when getting back to work, and you will genuinely provide meaningful input if you are taking an appropriate amount of small breaks during work.

4. Have a Break (From Screens) 

This becomes more sensible the more we spend necessary work time in front of a screen. There’s way too many smartphones, laptops, and tablets within our reach that planning a day or even a few hours without using no a screen should improve that work-life balance.

5. Least Favorite Chores Get Done First

Managing your personal schedule outside of work likely includes standard chores: groceries, cleaning, laundry etc. With your list of weekly chores, order them from your least favorite to most favorite. Prioritizing the least favorite chores means they will get done earlier in the week – freeing you up more time.

What are your best tips for work-life balance? Share them in the comments section!

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