After making the sale, you can still find ways to boost customer satisfaction. In this article, we are going to look at customer satisfaction strategies you can use for your ecommerce platform.

Why Is Customer Satisfaction Important?

Customer satisfaction is another quality customers use to measure your product or service with competitors. A business with low customer satisfaction likely has customers with low retention and loyalty rates. A satisfied customer will likely return again and make another purchase where an unsatisfied customer does not plan to ever give any attention again to a certain business. Knowing what qualities make your customer feel more appreciated or acknowledged will surely help with improving their level of customer satisfaction.

Get Personal – Be On A First Name Basis

When sending a post-purchase email after an ecommerce sale to your online customer, you can use this opportunity to seem more relatable and committed to the customer. Use the customer’s first name when addressing them. This also works for communications outside of emails as well such as directly or through the phone. People like hearing their names!

Do More For Your Loyal Customers 

Perhaps you have a regular online customer making a purchase once a month. With customers that are showing your business loyalty on a consistent basis, you can offer discount emails to them after a certain amount of purchases, send them exclusive content, or similar to what Steam is doing with Steam Deck reservations, you can make sure your loyal customers who have been with you longer than potential bots and scalpers get a priority spot in line for a new product launch.

Be Available For Support On Social Media

Being available for customer support on social media is just another way that customers can reach you. Not every customer will want to switch pages from social media to a ecommerce site (especially a small one) when making a support ticket. They want to avoid the robotic process and find someone directly in a message, and they don’t want to wait too long. Investing in your customer support and implementing strategies to approach customer support through social media will greatly improve how customers think they can communicate with you and your business.

Feedback Is Crucial 

Feedback is also necessary for improving your customer satisfaction. You can arrange communications such as “How was your experience with us today” during post-purchase emails or at the end of direct message inquiries to record customer feedback on your strategy.


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