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Digital Marketing Kits

3CX has created several digital marketing products to empower entrepreneurs and start-up businesses with innovative and highly effective marketing strategies and tools used by global brands.

Our goal is to enable you to enhance your online presence, engage with your target audience, and achieve optimal business and revenue results.

Leverage our enterprise-level eXperience to communicate and collaborate through cutting-edge marketing technology solutions.

12 Reasons Entrepreneurs Love 3CX Marketing Kits

  • Step-by-Step Guidance & Education
  • Out-of-the-box Strategic Plans
  • Practical Tools and Checklists
  • Efficient and Productive Processes
  • Clear & Achievable Goals
  • Proven Lead Generation Strategies
  • Brand Building & Positioning
  • Adaptable for Continuous Improvement
  • Cost-effective Digital Strategies
  • Modern Techniques & AI Tools
  • Professional Support
  • Independence & Control

About 3CX Digital Marketing Kits

What is a Digital Marketing Kit you ask?

A 3CX Digital Marketing Kit is a comprehensive marketing strategy document, complete with actionable, step-by-step instructions, ideas, resources, tools, and guidance for entrepreneurs, individuals, and businesses looking to enhance their digital presence, achieve specific sales goals, or address challenges in the marketing and growth of their business.

3CX Digital Marketing Kits are designed to streamline and simplify the process of planning, implementing, and optimizing digital strategies specific to your organization’s industry.

Digital Marketing Kits - Start and Grow and Business

3 Easy Steps to Get a Marketing Kit & More Revenue!

Specify Your Industry or Business Type

Each 3CX Digital Marketing Kit includes over 30 pages of modern strategy and tactics designed specifically for your industry.

Download Your Digital Marketing Kit

Your 3CX Kit is sent via e-mail in PDF format and is also accessible along with checklists and tools in your 3CX Members Portal.

Follow The Step-By-Step Marketing Strategy & Plan

Digital Marketing Kits come complete with easy-to-follow daily, weekly, and monthly activities + a 30-day hotline if you get stuck.

Thousands of Dollars in Benefits and Value for just $449!

3CX Digital Marketing Kits

Tailored for Entrepreneurs and Start-ups.

  • Customized strategies designed specifically for the unique needs and challenges of entrepreneurs and start-ups.

3CX Budget-friendly Marketing Kits

Cost-Effective Solutions

  • Budget-friendly digital marketing solutions without compromising on effectiveness, ensuring maximum return on investment (ROI).

Scalable Marketing & Business Strategies

Strategic Planning for Growth

  • Scalable and flexible marketing and busienss strategies that evolve with your business, fostering long-term growth and sustainability.

Brand Building and Differentiation

Build a Resilient Digital Presence

  • Establish a resilient and impactful digital presence that sets you apart in today’s competitive market.

Training & Resources

Empowerment Through Knowledge

  • Gain the knowledge and skills needed to take control of your digital marketing initiatives, reducing dependency on external expertise. 
Sheldon Hinds
Sheldon Hinds
3CX Consulting has a wealth of knowledge, and a great company to work with if you need direction in the digital internet world.
Richard J. Haldane
Richard J. Haldane
Need a websites and solid business plan and 3CX came to task and upgraded our logo. It's been non stop business since then. Thanks Ken your team is awesome. Richard J. Haldane owner of NLC
Priya Ram
Priya Ram
Are you Looking for a great digital marketing professional to get your work done in a timely manner and affordable price? Please reach out 3Cx. They are beyond client's expectations. I highly recommend 3CX.
Gregory EI
Gregory EI
Got the right IT solutions for our marketing. Quick response and customer support????
Segun Adebiyi
Segun Adebiyi
Looking for a great digital marketing professional, try 3Cx. Its a firm that delight in exceeding client's expectations. Proud working with them.
Working with 3CX Consulting has been an exceptional experience. From logo design to marketing strategies, they've exceeded expectations. Their creativity brought my vision to life in a captivating logo, and their innovative marketing ideas reinvigorated my approach. Their skillful flyer designs and engaging website content showcase their commitment to excellence. What sets 3CX Consulting apart is their genuine dedication to their clients' success. They communicate effectively, making you feel valued throughout the process. Their professionalism and creativity are unmatched, making them an invaluable partner for any business. I wholeheartedly recommend 3C for their exceptional services and unwavering passion.
Giri Prakash
Giri Prakash
3CX is unique in providing web design and thier support systems are pretty quick in handling the customers queries. I would recommend 3CX to anyone who is looking to have a perfect website created for thier company. Cheers

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