Freshen Up On Your Digital Marketing Knowledge! 


1. Ad Manager Account

An account that manages your advertising spends and where you can see how your advertising performed on Facebook.

2. Conversion 

The completion of a pre-set goal. Example: The number of people visiting the site and turning into paying customers is a specific conversion measure.

3. Display Network 

A set of websites and apps where display ads will show. Google has one of the biggest display networks, with over 2 million websites that have options for advertisers to display their ads.

4. Google Reviews 

Reviews found under the Google My Business Platform. Range between 1-5 stars and also contain the reviewers name and a short preview text of their review. Will show up when your business in searched on Google.

5. Header Code 

Code that remains in the top sections of your websites. Meant for tracking, analytics etc.

6. Lookalike Audience 

Facebook’s targeting feature which uses a pre-established set of target audiences and uses their characteristics to find similar audiences.

7. Organic 

Web traffic that comes from non-paid advertising sources. Example: site visitors who found the website but were not targeted originally.

8. Slug

The section of the url that comes after “.com”.

9. White Hat 

Ethical digital marketing practices that doesn’t participate in spam or other unfavorable tactics.

10. Tag

An identifying marker used in WordPress. More specific than categories.

11. SSL Certificate 

What is required to add “HTTPS” to your website. Digitally connects a cryptographic key to an organization’s details.

12. Featured Snippets

The short bit of text that is viewable without clicking on the link. Google will pull this information from websites and place it in relevant search results.

13. Banner Ads 

A very popular form of image ad used in advertising on many websites.

14. 301 Redirect 

Permanent redirects used to move traffic from one website to another.

15. Cookie

A small piece of data that the website sends to the user’s device. Useful for helping the user retrieve previous information. For example: contact details, login information, preferences.


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