Email marketing continues to demonstrate its usefulness compared to social media. It raises more engagement, and is a strong avenue for connecting with your customers.  Sending emails at certain points in your marketing process can give your customers confidence in your online business.

More Relevant Than Ever 

Viewing one’s emails on the phone is becoming a norm for many consumers. This shows another benefit of email marketing, having real-time metrics about your messaging. These metrics can say a lot about your customers and what they are responding to the best. As you start to understand your customers more and more, you will be able to distinguish them as part of segmented consumer groups and have tailored emails made for each group. This will raise relevance, build that customer relationship stronger, and be very low cost way of reaching new leads. Email marketing allows you to respond to your customers in a brand-appropriate manner. You can take a customer support issue as an opportunity to turn a disgruntled customer into someone who feels they are being heard. Emails are a great way to share promotions, discounts, and giveaways. They are essentially forms of advertising with more flexibility than an image ad with a link on social media.

Maintaining Your Email Lists

Your email marketing strategy is dependent on how well you are taking care of your email lists. This includes keeping them up to date, recognizing the types of customers you are engaging with, and only sending them useful emails. You can have lists specifying individual customers (B2C) and lists specifying whole companies (B2B). You can also have lists separating your audience in terms of engagement and choosing to send more “push” emails to those more likely to respond to “pushes”. This means using more promotional campaigns for these kind of emails and involving more business storytelling for your other set of emails.

Did you know? In 2019 alone, 290 billion emails were sent everyday across the world.

Don’t Be “Spam”

With the amount of emails being sent per day, the likelihood of your customers dealing with spam emails are extremely high. They will feel no hesitation unsubscribing from your email list if they feel their time is being wasted. You will need to keep testing your emails before officially sending them out. Send test emails to yourself, your team, or a dedicated group of testers. See if your test emails land in the junk folder or primary inbox. Modern email providers such as Gmail have made big strides in helping the consumer identify spam emails, so it is very important to find out early if your email marketing is being marked as spam.

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