YouTube continues to be the main video content platform. It is fairly reasonable to assume your business’ target audience is somewhat active on YouTube. If you haven’t created one yet, a YouTube channel can be extremely useful for content and digital marketing in general. Here are some tips you should use to start your channel on the right foot.

Update Your Profile 

With Google owning YouTube, channels need to be created with the same process as creating a Google Account. To make it appear like other YouTube channels, make sure to update your profile settings: including profile photo, channel description, banner, etc. You can add contact details here for potential leads to reach to you.

Develop Your Tags

When uploading video content to your YouTube channel, you will have editing options such as adding tags to make the content appear when viewers search for those tags. Imagine yourself as a potential customer of your business: What are you searching in the search bar if you wanted to find your business’ content?

Use The Discussion Tab

The discussion tab in your YouTube channel can be an excellent place to foster a community. Subscribers can go to this section to find the latest discussion from the channel. You can use this section for announcements, promotions, and surveys.

Adjust Your Channel Structure 

You can make quite a few modifications to your channel in structure. A featured video on top for new subscribers, a featured video for non-subscribers, a list of videos in a top row based on popularity, and another list below based on upload date. There are different ways you can modify your channel to make it your own.

Share Your Channel

Now that you are comfortable tooling with how to optimize your YouTube channel within YouTube, you can start looking at how you can optimize the channel outside of YouTube. Develop a strategy about how you are going to share your channel. This will involve looking at which platforms your business is using to connect with customers and modifying them to include your YouTube channel. Example, if you have a playlist of YouTube content that you want to be viewed by your website visitors from a certain page, you will want to start thinking about how will you present that click-through to your channel in a non-disruptive way. Your YouTube channel is part of the customer acquisition lifecycle and it is different for every business and their channel(s). It is important to have a strong understanding of your business and your required marketing goals.


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