We can’t say for sure how long TikTok will stick around (remember Vine?), but we do see the pattern of technology connecting businesses and users in new and fun ways. Here is what you can do to leverage TikTok for your digital brand.

Social media has a habit of dramatically changing every 5-10 years. Facebook owns Instagram, Twitter has a premium version, and many platforms are getting inspired by TikTok’s vertical video format – Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts etc. TikTok itself is one of the newer social media platforms. It is perfect for sharing and collaborating on internet trends, with its large collection of video effects accessible to all users. 

TikTok has a rocky history, with privacy concerns stemming from the app being developed within China; however there is now an American version of TikTok operated by an American company – beholden to American laws.

This characteristic gave users more confidence on TikTok’s sustainability as a social media platform. It isn’t surprising at all that once TikTok was able to manage their PR problem, they were able to explode in popularity.

TikTok Tips For Your Digital Strategy


1. Be Fun, Unique, and Creative.

TikTok is about sharing entertaining videos around. A funny video relevant to your business has more likelihood of spreading out than content with a more serious tone.

2. Collaborate With Partners.

Adding elements of collaboration either with influencers or strategic partners can provide useful cross-promotion, increasing exposure, reach, and engagement for each partner in the collaboration.

3. Participate in Trends.

TikTok has a new viral video trend every few days that millions of users participate in with their own version of the trend.

Perhaps it’s a new dance, a popular dialog from a movie, a certain video format, etc. Videos like these spread because people have the current trend in mind and want to see more of it.

4. Use hashtags.

Related to the above point, you can use hashtags in the video descriptions to help increase its reach and potential views.

Users on TikTok use hashtags to find the latest recreation of the current trend. Find out what which hashtags are being used for the trend and you will have a way to immediately reach active users looking for related content.

TikTok can be a powerful tool, you just need to know what makes it tick. 


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