Drop shipping is becoming a very lucrative opportunity as a form of retail business. Sellers can accept payment orders without having the product initially in stock. Drop shipping is showing that you can practically manage a popular online store and not have to worry about inventory management.

How Does Drop Shipping Work? 

A customer responds positively to an online advertisement of a product found online, perhaps in a social media post. The advertisement links to a landing page of an online store that the seller manages, The customer makes the order on the website for the interested product. Next, the seller arranges the shipping details with the manufacturer and/or wholesaler and have the product ship directly from the production stage to the customer.

What Do I Need To Start? 

  • Setup an online store
    • purchasing web domain, deciding on which products to advertise and sell, brainstorming the brand strategy, building the online store
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  • Find your suppliers, wholesalers or manufacturers
    • establish that you will be drop shipping through them to ensure no packaging hiccups when products finally ship from production to direct consumption
  • Organize your advertising strategy
    • create appealing landing pages, persuasive ads, and experiment with the “when” & “where” of spreading your ads
  • On your store, have pages describing the refund, shipping, and privacy policies.
    • additionally, a “Contact” and an “About” page


The key to making more sales through drop shipping is becoming specialized in selling niche products so customers know to reach you. Here is a list of top niches this year for drop shipping.

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