Although most organizations will list “get new customers” or “get more customers” as a goal, many will misinterpret it as a task and will have a less than effective, unscientific and inconsistent method for meeting that goal.

The secret lies in understanding that getting customers is actually a series of steps which we call the Customer Cycle.

At 3C we teach our clients to view the Customer Cycle like this:

  1. Have something of VALUE to OFFER
    • Note that value doesn’t always mean dollars & cents – the idea is to fill a need or want
    • Where are the people who want or need what you’re offering?
    • Creating a market is always harder
  3. Learn the LANGUAGE of the people
    • Doing keyword research is a great way to discover both the market and the language being spoken
  4. Get in on the CONVERSATION
    • People are already asking, discussing and critiquing your product, industry and maybe even your company so join in and provide relevant and timely ANSWERS.
  5. PRESENT your valuable offer once you’ve gotten someone’s attention.
    • Don’t be shy – timid salesmen have skinny kids
  6. FULFILL the need with EXCELLENCE
    • By being excellent you build a good reputation (corporate “good will”) and SHIFT THE CONVERSATION to be about you and your brand
  7. Listen to the new conversations being said and ADD MORE VALUE
    • Go back to STEP 4 and REPEAT

I hope this has been helpful.

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