Great growth doesn’t just happen, nor can you just wing it. The first step in raising funds and finding volunteers is putting together a solid action plan.

Serving the poor, the afflicted, homeless or less fortunate is a fulfilling and rewarding endeavour for many people. Natural disaster and any number of circumstances in any number of geographic locations has increased the need for more help. As an organisation, your goal is to connect with those who feel the same and want to share in the vision to bring your service to communities around the world.

Donations to support your vision can come from many avenues such as corporations, memberships and individuals. The key is to grow your network and equip others with skills, tools, materials, and knowledge to help them catch the vision and become advocates for your organisation. Once the vision is caught, reaching out and communicating the with others becomes natural and easy.

Let 3C help you design a growth plan and strategy framework to move your organisation forward with clear action steps for annual fund raising and volunteer campaigns that engender support all year round.

Here’s what we’ll help you’ll walk away with…

  • How to identify untapped areas of potential that exist in your organisation
  • Creative strategies to increase the number of volunteers and monetary supporters
  • A review of the key areas that you will need to address to build a great plan
  • A checklist of action steps that you will need to take to build a great growth plan
  • Learn the strategies and practices that you can begin to use immediately

We’d love to connect and learn about your vision. Share your vision and connect with us through the form below:

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