Landing pages are pages you link to in your advertising. The actions your advertised audience takes while visiting a landing page determines your advertising’s effectiveness. There are two main types of landing pages you can utilize: reference & transactional landing pages.

Reference Landing Page

A reference landing page is meant to build awareness. It contains visuals and copy relevant to the advertised visitor, as well as additional relevant linking. It is meant to isolate them from other “noise” on the website such as unrelated products and a full website overview. This funnels the visitor to where you want them to go on your website and what content on your page you want them to see.

Transactional Landing PageĀ 

As the name suggests, a transactional landing page contains transactional actions for the visitor. It is used to persuade them to make a purchase or fill-out a provided form. The goal is to turn visitors into customers. A successful landing page (reference or transactional) has consistent hits and is a source of lead generation. Alongside a thought-out digital marketing strategy, landing pages when done right, land sales.

Advertising Your Landing Pages

Here are key places you should look into advertising and sharing your landing pages:

  • Social Media Posts, Profile Headers, & Stories (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter)
  • Marketing Emails
  • Search Advertising
  • Website Footer
  • Other Digital Locations (YouTube Channel, Podcasts, Articles, Public Live-Streams)

Quick Landing Page TipsĀ 

  • Keep a clear and concise headline, don’t overload the visitor with information on the page
  • Include logo, brand name, and website URL
  • involve A/B testing of slightly difference landing page examples


If you need to improve your leads-generation and sales, consider looking into how your landing pages are set-up.


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