With UrbanCart closing in on its launch very soon, the 3C team would like to take this opportunity to discuss the optimistic future of online delivery!

Improved Technology Means More Accessibility

For a long time, restaurants were the only type of business to offer same-day delivery and one could only order food via a specific restaurant’s website or phone number. This led to 2 primary issues: Restaurants being the only convenient option for delivery, and customers needing to navigate through hundreds of un-standardized menu formats in order to find their next desired meal. Today, the amount of deliverable services continues to grow rapidly and customers can now have all of their available delivery options in a simple application. More businesses (besides just restaurants) are able to reach out to more customers, it becomes a win for both ends.

Empowering Individuals and Businesses 

The very nature of delivery apps is flexibility and independence of participants to the platforms. Delivery drivers are taking the opportunity to manage their own hours, pick which orders they want to deliver, and explore their local communities. Businesses can use apps like UrbanCart to quickly change up their menus for special promotions. There is a significant amount of inherent choice to these delivery apps, and participants can shape their choices to fit their goals.

What Will Online Delivery Look Like in 10 Years? 

Looking into the future, nearly all physical businesses will require some form of a digital store, if they do not have one currently. The rate at which participants such as business owners, customers, and deliverers will be entering delivery platforms will seem exponential by that time. This is due to the two main points above showing no signs at all of stagnating.

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