First impressions are hard, and your website’s domain name is one of the earliest impressions consumers will have of your brand. Picking the right name will take serious consideration, but we have some tips to make the decision-making easier. Having keywords in the domain is good, but alone, they don’t carry a lot of weight in the ranking algorithm of search engines.

Keep It Simple

Think about the most popular brands and you will find their domains don’t have keywords in them. The key for a domain is that it is memorable and easy to type.

• Nike []
• Reebok []
• Amazon []
• Google []
• Uber []
• Wix []
• Sony []
• GoDaddy [}

And the list goes on and on.

Avoid Numbers & Hyphens 

Yeah, I know. We broke this rule, but we did it 20+ years ago and our brand is quite strong. Today, more than 90% of the websites you visit, likely do not have numbers, hyphens, or any other special character. The reason you do not see them is due to the fact that people will not be sure if you mean “2” or “TWO” when you say your domain as you share and promote your business or given someone your branded e-mail address.

Act Fast

A great domain name is memorable, simple, relevant to your business, and unfortunately, limited in supply. If you find a great domain option and the price is right, try not to delay the purchase by too much time as domains sell very quickly.

My recommendation would be to go with snappy domains such as  “” or nothing too messy with a keyword such The main point is to use CONTENT to let people know what you do and rank within the search engines. Having a great domain won’t be enough. You will still need to figure out ways to advertise to people who do not know about your brand yet.



Let 3CX Digital know if you need help making the change, but I strongly recommend that you do it sooner rather than later so that branding takes root much faster. Domains are also very cheap – $16 at

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