With fears of a recession comes an additional incentive to increase your marketing efforts. So instead of thinking about the recession as a negative, try to see it as a challenge full of opportunities.  Ask the question: How can you tweak your marketing efforts so you can bring in excited crowds? If you are a small business owner, then you may think that you don’t have the budget, but in most cases, you just need to get creative.

3CX Digital shares many ideas and tips for how you can plan and tweak your marketing tactics to bring in more new customers on a consistent and predictable basis.

Create a Colourful Catalogue for Your Products

Flipsnack notes that one way that you can sell more products is by creating a catalogue of your hottest products. Fill it with high-quality photos and vivid descriptions so that your customers are more inclined to reach out and buy your great items.

While you can create a generalised guide for everyone, you may see more success by making it more unique to a specific niche of people, be it husbands, wives, bosses, or anything in between. Then, you can share it on social media with a catchy slogan or caption underneath that will grab a customer’s attention. Also, post it on your website so customers can see the other products you sell as well.

If you need help creating a website that will facilitate this sort of catalogue, contact 3CX Digital to talk about a website redesign with SEO strategies.

Get Even More Creative With Fun Memes

You can really kick up the engagement factor on your social media posts by adding funny or clever memes. You may not realise it, but creating a meme is a relatively easy process. By using a tool online, you can find a wide selection of meme templates that you can modify with your own text, wording, picture, and colours. It is just like using the Word program on your computer. You can drag and drop options until it is just right. Then, when you are done, you can download your masterpiece and easily upload and share it on all of your social media profiles.

Try a Contest or Giveaway

Another way that you can grab people’s attention on social media is to host a fun contest or giveaway. It can be as simple as asking everyone to post their favourite moment involving your product, and you pick a commenter at random to win a prize.

You could also try an event where you challenge people to use your product in a creative way, and the most exciting person wins. While you will be giving one of your products away for free, the point is that you will be attracting potential customers, and when they try to enter your contest, they will learn more about your company, and they may buy something else that they like.

Draw in More Foot Traffic

It may seem like all marketing is done online these days, but

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Photo Credit: Ivan Samkov via Pexels