Are you planning on starting a new online business, specifically an e-commerce store? Here are some simple tips you can use to grow your brand and get more potential customers onto your platform. 


1. Plan Your Leads Funnel

You should have a strong understanding of the funnel/ path your customers will need to go through in order to learn about your product and ultimately purchase from you. This means understanding the beginning, middle, and end of cultivating a lead – the end being a sale. This can involve building out communication channels as a beginning to the funnel for example, social media accounts. You can use your newly created social media accounts to create a buzz for your upcoming store – show pictures of what kind of products there will be and start growing the communication tone you want to set.


2. Collaborate With Like-Minded Influencers

The great thing about the internet is that no matter how small a niche can be, there is likely a relevant community of businesses, influencers, customers, and so on that are very passionate about that specific niche. It means that even a new e-commerce store can find partners and collaborations that make a perfect fit for both parties. Having an influencer who pushes your brand introduces your store to more people – people who are very likely to be in your target audience, depending on the relevance on the collaboration.


3. Collect Feedback On Your Store

Make sure your customers are able to provide feedback to you and your online business. Add contact details, a suggestion box, a google form, or whichever feedback control you think makes sense for your store. Having this section to identify issues that you may have missed or issues you could not have anticipated will help improve your store.


4. Offer Free Shipping

Much like how psychologically, a price tag of $3.99 looks far better than a price tag of $4.00 (despite only a marginal difference), offering free shipping can be that little adjustment you make that results in more leads and sales. Offering free shipping can make a hesitant customer more willing to go through with making the purchase.


5. Complete Your Store Before You Start Selling

You don’t want you earliest customers to deal with hassles on your store. You want to make the shopping experience as seamless as possible with no issues. This means making sure your store is ready to go before launching and selling. You can do this by testing quality assurance, user interface, and page loading speeds. Make sure your products are easily searchable, your product categories are logical, and your layouts have a goal.


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