Running your own business will involve managing its brand. Part of that brand management is what kind of logo you want to represent you. In this blog, we will show you tips on making a great logo!

Connect With Your Business’ Brand.

A great logo isn’t an arbitrary set of lines and colors. It has relevant symbolism and meaning for the business. An example of this is identifying the proper color scheme for your logo – you will very quickly realize which sets of colors are not relevant at all for your business’ brand.

Don’t Over Do It.

It may seem tempting to try and find a way to represent all aspects of your business in your logo but there is just not enough real estate to be effective. A logo needs to be distinguishable to view even at a small scale. Adding more details could make it harder for the customer to read. The key here is continuously looking at different themes when drafting out the logo: will your logo represent your business’s personal touch or fast service?

Stay Modern. 

You can immediately see a logo and accurately guess which decade it was created. Companies are used to giving their logos a refresh to stay modern. It might mean removing or adding detail. It could be going to a duotone color scheme over the original 3-color palette. The important thing is to show that modern change to the customers.

Make It Look Good Even In Colorless.

Sometimes, your logo will be forced to be in black and white. It could be official documents, stationary, or newspaper ads. Sometimes, your content just needs a black and white logo and not the original. Make sure your logo is effective even without normal colors.

VOX – “What Makes A Truly Great Logo”

VOX has a interesting video piece looking at why major companies decided with their current logos. Click to watch. 


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