Using your voice with technology has evolved massively since the early days of telephones. Besides a simple two-way phone call being possible, there are virtual assistants and voice-activated devices that expand on what you can do with just your voice. In this blog, we will be taking a look at how firms can take advantage of voice, specifically voice search to reach their customers.

Virtual Assistants Assisting with Virtually Everything

First, let’s take a look at the primary reason why voice search is quickly growing into an exciting opportunity for businesses. When Apple first released Siri, it mimicked their release of their first ever iPhone. It was incredibly novel for its time, but it was very early and the features just weren’t all there. It wasn’t as fast as a simple search with your fingers, it didn’t give the best results, and it didn’t always listen to you correctly. Competing virtual assistants like Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s Cortana have raised up the standards for acceptable quality and naturally, Siri is a much more robust application today. Virtual assistants today can have low latency, better search results, and more data to learn from. You can tell your phone across the room to set up a meeting on your calendar for next week. You can tell your Bluetooth speaker to play the “Dinner Party” playlist. You can get translations immediately from a new language. Virtual assistants are adding productivity to consumers and businesses should take advantage of this trend.

Using Voice Search to Reach Customers

Voice search can greatly help with your business’ SEO and SEM. Voice search is utilized when users speak terms into their speech-recognition devices and are able to perform online searches. It has come a long way and is indeed a convenient option for new potential customers. Here are some tips your business can use for enhance voice search results:

  • Take consideration of the variances of spoken & written speech
  • ¬†Add longer keywords and phrases into your SEO strategies
  • Integrate with map data for better localized responses
  • Increase mobile advertising efforts


Voice Search is here to stay. It is a reflection of where consumer technology is going and businesses should take this time to make the adjustments necessary to reach their customers. We want to improve your Voice Search SEO! Reach out for a free consultation.