With fintech exploding in innovation, network effect, and value, it’s becoming more and more important for wealth management companies to evolve their marketing efforts. Especially with the cryptocurrency space slowly growing everyday and making global finance more accessible, marketing your wealth management business to high net-worth individuals may not be just the only option.

What Banks Are Doing

Banking institutions provide a level of reach, convenience, experience, and trustworthiness that high net-worth individuals can rely on. They market their wide range of financial programs and features in various marketing campaigns both online and offline. This will include monthly emails from your bank, new policy changes often sent through direct mail (along with new promotions), physical locations for direct correspondence, and less than 24/7 operating time in a week.

What Online Brokers Are Doing

Firms that offer investment opportunities primarily, such as WealthSimple are adapting a modern, young tone with their marketing strategy. Referral programs are implemented as a way to incentivize onboarding new members. Billboards are placed in prominent locations in crowded cities, social media ads are constantly being made, and PPC efforts help their ranking on search engines. In addition, they will include content marketing that talks about success stories of celebrities and known investors.

What Cryptocurrency & Blockchain Companies Are Doing

If you are interested in how to attract more users to your platform that manages the wealth of crypto users, you will need to accept that the former ways just won’t be enough. With the space being rife with scams, rug pulls, hacks, data leaks, etc. it is inherently an uphill battle for gaining new users. You can expect to spend lots of time organically building trust for your brand. That will include having direct lines to your users through dedicated communities, promotions in the form of some amount of free cryptocurrency to users, and marketing the many safety and security assurances you have for user data.

Would you so quickly give your wealth away to a stranger, business, entity, etc. for them to manage? Of course not! Think from this perspective that your customers will have. 
“Why should I trust my wealth to your company?” “What can I do here that I can’t do there?” “How will this benefit me?”  


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