Today we will look at Business Storytelling. What is it? Why is it important? And how to involve business storytelling within your business.



To start, Business Storytelling is the use of storytelling techniques within an organization. It is a strategic method of communication to motivate stakeholders such as investors, employees, managers, and customers.

Here is an excellent video describing the 3 Principles of Business Storytelling.


Getting your Business Storytelling in order is very important to finding success. The stories of “Who We Are?”, “Our Mission”, & “What Motivates Us Everyday” exist within all businesses and are also unique for each one. Business Storytelling outlines a distinct competitive advantage your business has over the rest.

Using Business Storytelling For Your Business

The goal of Business Storytelling is about bringing to light the emotions that fuel business decisions and having everyone on the same page. Here are some ways to involve Business Storytelling within your Business:


  • Team building activities such as workshops and conferences
  • Open communication between managers & employees, using stories to motivate instead of “pep-talks”
  • Forming your marketing practices around your main stories¬†
  • Using humor, heart, and honesty in your marketing strategy


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