There’s a lot of ways you can take advantage of Reddit, “the front page of the internet”, for marketing your business. With Reddit being a wide platform for all sorts of communities, finding a way to bring attention to your business will require some trial and error. Here are some options that will increase your reach and help build your marketing strategy.

1. Create Accounts With Personalized Usernames Over Corporate Ones

When your company makes content or releases news on Reddit, it’s important to realize that corporate accounts are often seen as too pushy and hollow. With personalized  usernames, someone can for example read a quote from a business’ founder directly from the founder’s Reddit username, which will give a far more relatable tone.

2. Make A Dedicated Subreddit For Your Business/Brand

A business can create an organic platform for growth in engagement with creating a subreddit. Create a place where your most active customers can reach out for support, news, and possible promotional events.

3. Paid advertising

Much like other social media platforms, you can have a set budget to increase your impressions, bring down your CTA, and streamline your lead funnel. Advertise with display advertising options on related subreddits, on the front page of the main Reddit site, sponsored posting etc.

4. Contribute with quality. Don’t spam, but don’t disappear as well.

Opening up your marketing strategy to include Reddit will mean acting like other Reddit users. That will include participating in discussions and making content worth discussing. It will involve commenting, posting with regular frequency but don’t comment just for comment’s sake. We know you have strong passions for your business, let more people know!


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