In order to build up your business’ SEO strategy, you will need to know the basics. Below, you will find important SEO terms and definitions that will supplement your understanding.

Page RankĀ 

Google’s iterative system that calculates the relevance of a web page and assigns them numbers from 0-10 as per the content.


The person who controls or maintains one or more websites.


The links that point to your website from another website.


The process in which search engines collect and store information about web pages, and return the best and relevant results when search.


Stands for Search Engine Results Page.

Branded Keywords

Search terms from users that includes an exact match or variation of a specific company or brand.

Broken Link

An outdated link in a page that doesn’t lead to a working webpage. Leads to pages such as “404 – Page not found.”


Temporarily stored web content meant for reducing loading times.


A link pointing to content within a mobile application.

A/B Testing

A controlled experiment comparing variables between at least 2 or more webpages.


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